Windows 10 E-Mail Guidance

Problem:- When clicking on an email links in ANY website, Windows 10 asks you to install an App.

This issue mainly affects people whose computer has been automatically updated to Windows 10 and are not perhaps very computer literate.

Windows 10 handles email in a different way to older versions and does NOT have a built-in email client such as Outlook, therefore when you click on a link in any website to send an email, Windows 10 will ask various options, including for you to download and set up an Application.

This is normal as Windows 10 does not always know what to do with an email, without being "told" what to do.

If you wish to send an email with a new update of Windows 10, then you will need to take advice and install a suitable application to send emails on ANY website.

THIS IS NOT A FAULT OR VIRUS but the stange way Windows 10 does things and we would recommend if possible you revert to your earlier version of Windows until issues like this are resolved.

The Watchet Web Design team